Insider Intel Reveals Tech in Store for Google I/O


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  • Google I/O is today. But news outlets are already leaking alleged announcements.
  • An array of AI investments. Reportedly AI advancements will be announced for Bard, Search.
  • A new large language model. Google is expected to unveil PaLM 2.

With the opening keynote of Google I/O less than an hour away, news outlets are already leaking reports of the big announcements to come during the annual developer conference that begins today at 1 p.m. EST.

Google’s Upcoming AI Updates

After reportedly viewing internal documents, CNBC disclosed a few of the generative AI updates that will likely be announced — including the launch of a general-use large language model (LLM) and new “generative experiences” within Bard and Search “including Bard being used for coding, math and “logic” as well as expansions to Japanese and Korean languages.”

The confidential documents obtained by CNBC, also allegedly reveal the company will unveil PaLM 2, an advanced LLM that includes more than 100 languages and has “performed a broad range of coding and math tests as well as creative writing tests and analysis.” Google initially unveiled the PaLM language model last year — with an API released just last month.

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