Is Your Contact Center Failing? Find Out Why


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  • Resolve issues fast. Identifying and addressing misrouted calls enhances customer satisfaction.
  • Boost rep morale. Proper call routing significantly improves representative satisfaction.
  • Enhance operational efficiency. Streamlining communication processes reduces costs and saves time.

Contact center management is considered to be one of the most important areas in any company that provides products and services to their customers. Customer center management handles customer communication and manages the representatives in communication with customers in an effort to navigate interactions to resolve any issues or inquiries. Customer and representative satisfaction are major key performance indicators (KPIs) for managing the contact center, reflecting the efficiency and the company’s aim to maintain customer gratification.

Nonetheless, no system is perfect including that of contact center management, which is why it is necessary to identify these issues and work to resolve them. One of the main issues identified in the contact center space is misrouted calls. Misrouted calls are typically a result of a lack of comprehensive mapping of customers’ call intent to the appropriate representative queues.

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Misrouted Calls Increase Customer Frustration

As a result of misrouted calls, customers ended up spending more time on the call than they intended, leading to frustration on the customer’s part. Misrouted calls will then need to be rerouted to the correct representatives based on the customer’s need for a product acquisition or servicing.

At this point, the customer will end up reiterating the same details on multiple calls to multiple parties. Consequently, the customer’s satisfaction is impacted negatively due to more unnecessary time spent on the call and sometimes additional subsequent follow-up calls.

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Misrouted Calls Lower Representative Satisfaction

Another KPI that has a major impact because of misrouted calls is representative satisfaction which may be overlooked. While there is, rightfully, a concern for customer satisfaction, it is easy to overlook the effect this may have on the representative who may be equally frustrated while feeling helpless in the situation.


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