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  • Agile teams excel. Embrace agility over size in your marketing team to foster innovation and overcome the limitations of corporate bureaucracy.
  • Personalize your content. Regularly evaluate and adapt your content to align with customer feedback and market trends, ensuring a dynamic and responsive online presence.
  • Balance communication. Find the right frequency for customer communication to maintain engagement without overwhelming your audience.

I’ve had the good fortune in my 20-year marketing and public relations career to work with the titans of industry as well as the scrappy underdogs of the business world. It’s given me a unique perspective — and turns out, customer journeys really have the same bones for all size companies.

I’ve distilled my best customer journey insights into five hot tips that I believe are foundational for creating or even revamping a marketing customer journey.

5 Hot Tips for Marketing Customer Journey Success

1. Size Doesn’t Matter, It’s What You Do With It…

This is the moment Michael Scott of “The Office” pops up and says, “That’s what she said … about your marketing team!”

Fact (said with a Dwight voice): Agility trumps size.

Corporations often get snagged in their own red tape, stalling innovation. Contrast that with the caffeinated, focused energy of a small squad within a midsize business … and it’s clear that finding a way to implement a structure that embraces dynamism over bureaucracy can be clutch.

Real Talk: The development of the Ford Maverick by Ford Motor Co. serves as a prime example of how embracing agility and a cross-functional team approach can lead to groundbreaking innovations. By adopting agile methodologies and focusing on human-centered design, Ford was able to bring the Maverick to market 20 months faster than traditional methods would allow. This approach underscores the power of small, focused teams within even the largest organizations to drive success and innovation.

Ford Maverick compact truck display at a dealership in piece about the marketing customer journey.
The development of the Ford Maverick by Ford Motor Co. serves as a prime example of how embracing agility and a cross-functional team approach can lead to groundbreaking innovations.jetcityimage on Adobe Stock Photos

Beware: However, nimbleness can lead to overly centralized power. Case in point: an owner or CEO blind to modern marketing, causing a high turnover within the marketing team. Lesson learned? Empower your experts. You’re paying them for a reason, so avoid micromanaging your experts.

Actionable Insight: Craft your team’s motto around focus and collaboration — with each other and other departments. Let each member drive, with just enough oversight to keep the ship steady. This balance is your secret weapon against the issues big businesses traditionally face and allows project ownership and creative energy to better flow.

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2. What Works TODAY, Might Not Won’t Stick the Landing LATER

Content on autopilot? That’s a fast track to losing touch with your audience. 

I’ve seen firsthand the power of personalized content better keeping pace with customer feedback and market trends, transforming a brand’s online presence from static to magnetic.

Real Talk: A case study from my own work involves innovating a startup’s content approach that we treated as an ever-evolving entity. This adaptability not only spiked their visibility but also solidified the brand as a market-responsive leader. Similarly, Salesloft’s work with Georgia Tech Athletics, by restructuring their sales process and implementing targeted communications, achieved an 80% increase in season ticket sales. Adaptive content strategies really are key to bridging marketing engagement and sales.

Beware: Constant change can leave a brand feeling foundation-less, like trying to pin down Jell-O. Sure, AI can turbocharge content creation and produce personalized content faster than a marketing team jacked up on Red Bull, but overuse might 100% ABSOLUTELY WILL strip away your brand’s voice. Don’t think AI can replace YOUR job as a marketer — otherwise you really might be demoted for bad content.

Actionable Insight: Implement regular content evaluations — both internal and customer facing — aligned with the marketing customer journey stages and potentially after a touchpoint. This feedback and tweaking keeps your narrative fresh and relatable, ensuring your brand remains a lively participant in your audience’s journey — not a relic of the past.

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