Investing in Customer Marketing & CX

Investing in Customer Marketing & CX

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  • Brand advocacy importance. Customer marketing fuels brand advocacy, driving increased sales and strengthening brand reputation.
  • Investment synergy. Effective customer marketing programs require simultaneous investments in both customer experience and brand advocacy initiatives.
  • Organizational collaboration. Embedding customer marketing within the CX team ensures a more balanced and integrated approach, leading to better outcomes.

Customer marketing is underrated.

Its goal is brand advocacy and that is the result of all your investments in CX. Yet, it’s often marginalized or siloed at best and ignored at worst. Why do we guide customers through a journey and through value realization? So we can sell more to them — and engage them in marketing and selling to other customers.

Of course, we want our customers to be successful using our products so they attain their business goals but, as with most things in life, it helps to harness our selfish interests. We create advocates for our brand to sell more — by promoting our brand and reputation around customer-centricity and our ability to help customers achieve their business objectives.

And how is that done? By investing in customer experience (CX). The linkages are fundamental: There is no point in CX investment without brand advocacy, and it’s futile to pursue brand advocacy without CX investments.

First, What Is Customer Marketing?

An effective customer marketing capability has three crucial features:

  1. Supporting the organization’s marketing efforts with brand advocates who will execute activities (e.g., speaking, engagement in customer meetings, referral calls) and content (e.g., advertising, case studies, logos, videos, peer reviews).
  2. Supporting the organization’s sales efforts with brand advocates who will engage directly with prospects to discuss ease of doing business, value creation and why they are loyal to you.
  3. Proactively linking customer feedback/analytics, engagement, success programs and customer-centered change management to the development and harnessing of brand advocates.

Linking programs and brand advocacy is especially important because it galvanizes different parts of the organization around customer-centric behaviors, processes and results. It drives cross-functional collaboration in service of the customer experience.

It’s not complicated: The singular enabler for an impactful customer marketing program is a dedicated resource (an individual or a team) focused on working with your sales, engineering and marketing teams to identify ideal brand advocates and then orchestrate investments in those customers. Investing in a customer marketing function without parallel and tightly linked investments in programs that will facilitate customer success is a recipe for frustration and failure.

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