X Enhances Platform Safety With New Advertiser Controls


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  • Safety first. X unveils advanced advertiser controls.
  • Marketers delight. Enhanced ad placement options available.
  • Impressive uptake. Over 1,900 companies adopt with 99% efficacy.

X, the social media platform once known as Twitter, has taken a step forward in ensuring a safer and more inclusive environment for its users and advertisers with the launch of pre-bid Adjacency Controls, a feature designed to give advertisers greater control over where their ads are displayed, ensuring they don’t end up alongside unwanted content.

This initiative seems to be well-received by the advertising community, with over 1,900 companies already leveraging the tool. According to X, it boasts a success rate of more than 99%. 

The tool allows advertisers to ensure that their ads do not appear next to or in close proximity to certain keywords or user accounts (handles) that they deem undesirable or inappropriate. Essentially, it gives advertisers more control over the context in which their ads are displayed, allowing them to steer clear of content that might be harmful to their brand’s image or message.

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X Deepens Ties With Integral Ad Sciences to Bolster Brand Safety

In addition to its latest announcement, X also unveiled the expansion of its collaboration with brand safety provider, Integral Ad Sciences (IAS).

This decision to work with IAS as part of an exclusive partnership comes after company officials said they spent months reviewing third-party partners to provide pre-bid buying tools aligned with the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) Safety & Suitability Framework, a collaboration of industry professionals with the goal of establishing guidelines that enhance the positive potential of digital media while minimizing the prevalence and financial incentives of harmful content online.

According to X officials, the new tool will ensure that X’s US advertisers have access to top tier, selectively chosen ad inventory compliant with the GARM framework. This move, in collaboration with IAS and other metrics partners, not only refines current safety practices but also hints at a future global expansion of these solutions.

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X to Test New Sensitivity Settings, Enhanced Blocklist for Advertisers

In an effort to further customize ad placements on X, the platform is set to trial Sensitivity Settings, a feature that allows advertisers to better match their brand’s message with appropriate content. Slated for release in the upcoming weeks via the X Ads Manager, this automated tool utilizes machine learning to adjust ad placements based on a brand’s defined sensitivity levels. The tool also provides brands with the autonomy to choose an ad environment that aligns with their campaign goals.


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