Transforming the Customer Service World


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  • Personalization power. AR bolsters personalized, immersive customer experiences.
  • Education boost. AR aids in product education, offering interactive guides for customers.
  • Remote solutions. AR provides robust remote support, improving troubleshooting efficiency.

Augmented reality (AR) is enhancing customer service in various ways. This includes bolstering personalization for customers, assisting technology companies in guiding non-technicians through product installation and aiding different companies in helping customers troubleshoot issues. This innovative approach is not just a convenience, but a strategic tool, driving customer satisfaction and business growth.

AR Enhancing Personalization in Customer Service 

“Augmented reality is transforming the customer service landscape, making it more interactive, personalized and accessible,” said Dominik Angerer, Storyblok CEO. “From offering enhanced personalization to providing seamless and engaging interfaces, AR technologies are driving improvements in customer service, product education and real-time feedback, reshaping customer experiences in profound ways.”

AR offers businesses an opportunity to deliver uniquely tailored experiences to customers, Angerer added. For instance, a furniture retailer can provide an AR-based application that allows customers to visualize how a particular piece would look in their home and address any questions in real-time about returns, shipping, etc.

AR can revolutionize customer support through product education, Angerer added. “By creating unique opportunities for users to learn more about how to solve a problem, users can feel more in-control of their experience. For example, companies can use AR to provide interactive guides or tutorials that help customers understand how to use or troubleshoot a product.”

By offering more engaging UI and UX, AR provides uninterrupted, immersive customer experiences, according to Angerer. “For example, an automotive company could use AR to offer a virtual showroom where customers can explore various car models, customize features, and even ‘test drive’ vehicles.”

The potential for AR in customer service and other areas is boundless, Angerer said. “From revolutionizing entertainment and gaming to transforming remote work, education, and healthcare, mixed reality headsets, will play a pivotal role.”

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Remote Support Solutions With AR: A Case Study 

Xerox found AR extremely helpful when the COVID-19 pandemic restricted travel. Even though those restrictions have since ended, logistics and staffing issues can prevent specialists from being where technical help is needed at any given time.

One of Xerox’s Canadian clients was preparing to install a Trivor 2400 printer, which typically requires trained specialists, along with specific tools and techniques to get up and running, but the pandemic travel restrictions at the time prevented travel of the US-based technical team, according to Carlos Lopez, Xerox quality and business process manager. “We had to find a way to close the gap, of not having our team physically there but yet provide the support that the local team had on site.”

Using smart phones cameras and an AR video feed from CareAR, Xerox walked the customer step-by-step through the two-week installation process. 

“We would use the tool to show them what we are seeing,” Lopez explained. “Having that visual context of what they are seeing, gives us a way to easily troubleshoot the problem, and also allows us to narrow down the scope of where we should concentrate.” For example, once Lopez understood the problem, he placed captions, such as: “Make sure this hose is tightly fastened,” with an anchored arrow aimed at the point of contact for the hose.

The AR was used for coaching, troubleshooting, pointing out which sections of machinery to focus on, and correcting errors, enabling the customer to get the printer operational a day ahead of schedule.


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