Top 6 Generative AI Certifications for Marketers

Top 6 Generative AI Certifications for Marketers

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  • Rapid adoption. Generative AI is transforming marketing, prompting a need for up-to-date certifications.
  • Skill upscaling. Certification programs offer marketers essential skills for driving innovation in campaigns and content.
  • Career leverage. Generative AI expertise through certification can set marketers apart, optimizing workflows and boosting employability.

As generative AI transforms marketing content creation and customer experiences, marketers need to quickly get up to speed in order to leverage the opportunities it presents. Certification in generative AI applications demonstrates expertise in driving innovation through the responsible use of large language models such as DALL-E 2, ChatGPT, Bard, Bing, Claude and more. Structured certification programs provide marketers with the latest best practices to generate content at scale, uncover insights, boost campaigns and elevate brand interactions using AI. This article will examine the top 6 free and premium generative AI certification courses.

Why Generative AI Is Vital for Marketers

Most people are aware of generative AI’s impact across all major industries. There are now generative AI applications specifically available for various industries including:

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Fashion
  • Banking
  • Gaming
  • Travel
  • Retail
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Customer service
  • Marketing
  • HR
  • Supply chain & procurement
  • Legal
  • Sales

OpenAI sparked today’s generative AI excitement in November 2022 by unveiling ChatGPT —  a remarkably skilled chatbot powered by a large language model that can converse on any topic and generate stories, poetry, research articles, music lyrics, marketing content and more. Many marketers immediately took notice, and began to rapidly leverage generative AI applications to augment and automate key activities. For content production, generative AI’s image, video, and text generation saves time and effort while providing unlimited fresh assets and marketing copy. 

John Xie, co-founder and CEO at Taskade, an AI-powered SaaS platform, told CMSWire that as generative AI skills become more important for everyday marketers, AI certifications become more and more popular. “As an AI expert, I believe generative AI certifications to be useful for both attaining new skills, mastering your knowledge, and increasing your chances of finding great employment.” 

By mastering the use of generative AI today, marketers will be in a better position in the future to differentiate themselves by using generative AI to create unique, appealing content. Ahsan Tahir, CEO of Walee, a creator economy ecosystem backend, told CMSWire that as standard AI tools emerge, homogenous, boring, uncreative ads will flourish. “Differentiation and the need for genuinely creative and engaging work will become a premium,” said Tahir. “For now, marketers must remember that differentiation trumps distinction.”

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Microsoft’s Introduction to Generative AI

Microsoft’s Introduction to Generative AI features three modules, including Fundamentals of Generative AI, Introduction to Azure OpenAI Service, and Responsible Generative AI. This text-based course takes approximately two and a half hours to complete. Students taking the course will learn about large language models, Azure OpenAI Service’s use of generative AI, generative AI efficiencies, prompt engineering and Microsoft’s responsible AI principles.

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This beginner-level course is a great introduction to the topic of Generative AI, especially if the student will be using Microsoft Azure. Once completed, the student can add a “trophy” to social media profiles that signifies that they have completed the course. 

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Google’s Introduction to Generative AI Learning Path

Google’s Introduction to Generative AI Learning Path features four modules, including Introduction to Generative AI, Introduction to Large Language Models, Introduction to Responsible AI, and Generative AI Fundamentals, all of which are designed to give the student the basic knowledge needed to work with generative AI.

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After completing each module and taking a short quiz, the student will earn a badge that can be displayed on their social media profile. This free course is designed to take four days to complete, and each module includes a video, a document to read and a quiz. 

“As far as courses go, I believe Google’s introductory course and AI training resources are among the best options available to marketers today. I’ve been recommending these courses to my friends, colleagues, and those interested in learning more about AI,” said Xie.

Coursera’s Introduction to Generative AI Studio

Coursera’s Introduction to Generative AI Studio is a Google Cloud course that students can take to gain a deeper understanding of generative AI as well as Google’s Generative AI Studio

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This course consists of one module that introduces Generative AI Studio, and teaches the student how to prototype and customize generative AI models, and the features and options that are available. The module includes one video, two documents and a quiz. Although it is not geared specifically toward marketers, an understanding of how generative AI works can enable marketers to more effectively use the technology. Once the student has successfully passed the quiz, they are awarded a verifiable certificate which can be added to their social media profiles.

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