The Ultimate Guide to Winning Customer Hearts


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  • Synergy significance. Enthused team members are more likely to create stronger customer relationships, work harder and volunteer brand-building ideas.
  • People-first approach. While data-driven processes are key to business growth, human interactions are what customers — and employees — crave the most.
  • Data positioning. Brands need to evaluate both CX and EX data to secure new opportunities in customer retention.

Brands want to know how they can best accommodate customers’ needs and help them along the purchase journey. When businesses use CX and EX data alongside anecdotal evidence, they uncover how engaged employees create strategic improvements and secure beneficial bonds with customers.

Employees Create Closer Customer Connections

A meaningful connection already exists between employee and customer experience. Customers who interact with your teams will pick up if they are enthusiastic about your products, which can encourage them to invest in your business, both financially and emotionally. 

Three people climbing on an incline outdoors link hands and help each other up in piece about CX and EX synergy.
Customers who interact with your teams will pick up if they are enthusiastic about your products, which can encourage them to invest in your business, both financially and emotionally. emerald_media on Adobe Stock Photos

According to a recent online review survey, customer experience is regarded as a key priority by 91.1% of consumers who read online reviews about the companies they are interested in, demonstrating the synergistic interrelation between employees, customers and future consumers.

Consumers who enjoy a happy buying event with a brand see this as a compelling encounter, with 65% of customers saying that a positive experience with a brand is more influential than great advertising.

In fact, the employee engagement virtuous cycle reveals that when employees are invested in their company, they are a powerful force behind better customer satisfaction levels and stronger financial growth.

Positive EX helps customers to feel more comfortable buying from your business. They are likely to pass this information on through reviews or word of mouth to other consumers, letting them know all about a great brand experience.

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Making the Most of CX and EX Data

Many businesses collate a significant amount of data which they use to define short and long-term targets. Nevertheless, it’s not always the case that brands consult CX and EX data at the same time, allowing them to build a clearer picture of their services and reputation.

One way to discover more about employee experience is to perform a voice of employee (VOE) survey. Gaining this feedback is a golden opportunity to evaluate how your employees feel about their workflow and what they would like to change for the better.

With only 10% of employees strongly agreeing that their voice is heard at work, this is an area where brands that want to secure greater employee and customer satisfaction can transform their offerings.

The natural next step is to ensure you are collecting insightful voice of customer (VOC) information as part of your customer service strategy. This could be a post-purchase email, social media post, or feedback form to gather customers’ opinions about your products and services.


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