Tech, Loneliness & Sales: A Strategy Guide


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  • Effective sales strategy. Tailoring approaches for digitally-driven consumer behavior insights.
  • Lonely consumer exploration. Unpacking solitude’s significant impact on shopping behaviors.
  • Marketplace loneliness insight. Prioritizing the impact of loneliness on the marketplace strategies.

As the world races toward more powerful and pervasive technology, its impact is being felt in every part of our individual and corporate lives. From the internet to electronic messaging and communications to social media and smart phones to AI, people live their lives differently and interact with business, government and each other in different ways as well.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the “seller-buyer” relationship. Let’s take a look at how to formulate an effective sales strategy using some consumer behavior insights.

Consumer Behavior Insights: Many Interactions Now Online

Where interactions between sellers and prospective or existing customers once took place in-store or through phone calls to local store managers, they now occur via websites. Customers search, compare, evaluate and often purchase electronically. This interaction has a new moniker: “customer experience” or “CX.” Normally, CX refers to the full range of interactions from the moment a prospective customer contacts a seller’s electronic presence, encompassing both pre- and post-sale interactions, including when questions or issues arise.

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Tech Evolution Spurs Consumer Loneliness

Much has been written about the many ways in which this electronic process differs from its pre-internet counterpart, but not as much about broader changes in the culture often encouraged by the same technology-based evolution experienced in the producer/seller world. One of these changes is the growing phenomenon of loneliness among the population of potential shoppers and buyers, normally referred to as “consumers” in research publications. That change will require a new and effective sales strategy garnered from consumer behavior insights. 

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Loneliness Impacts: Beyond Antisocial Behavior

Some individuals turn their loneliness into antisocial behavior like depression, addiction, or crime, but there is a growing body of research into the causes and effects of loneliness in modern culture overall. While this research is voluminous and complex, there are several basic concepts that have been identified to form a picture of what the lonely consumer brings to the transaction and why this should be a part of the CX considerations and how it impacts developing an effective sales strategy with some consumer behavior insights. 


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