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  • It’s revealed. Salesforce announced the AI Cloud suite, an array of generative AI capabilities focused on CRM, during AI Day on June 12.
  • It’s secure. The suite includes the Einstein GPT Trust Layer, an enterprise-grade secure generative AI that doesn’t retain sensitive customer data.
  • It’s integrated. The AI Cloud integrates numerous Salesforce technologies and supports large language models from third parties within Salesforce’s infrastructure.

It’s AI Day. And as Salesforce prepares to announce what they consider “the future of trusted enterprise AI” this afternoon, CMSWire has a sneak peek at one of the biggest reveals: Salesforce AI Cloud, a new suite of generative AI capabilities and experiences across all applications and workflows specifically for Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Trust in the Cloud: Salesforce’s AI Cloud Hopes to Bridge the Data Divide

The AI Cloud is built around Einstein, the company’s flagship AI for CRM, that currently drives more than a trillion predictions per week across Salesforce’s applications. It also features what Salesforce calls “a new benchmark for enterprise-grade secure generative AI” — the Einstein GPT Trust Layer, designed to bridge the trust gap associated with generative AI by ensuring that large-language models (LLMs) don’t hold onto sensitive customer data. This, Salesforce officials say, establishes a clear division between the data and the LLM.

According to company officials, in addition to Einstein, the AI Cloud integrates several Salesforce technologies, including Einstein, Data Cloud, Tableau, Flow and MuleSoft, and will host large language models from various third parties, including Amazon Web Services, Anthropi, and Cohere, entirely within Salesforce’s infrastructure. It also supports the use of Salesforce’s large language models developed by Salesforce AI Research, as well as customers’ own domain-specific models trained outside of Salesforce.

Essentially, these enhancements provide a GPT-frosting, if you will, on existing Salesforce apps: Sales GPT, Service GPT, Marketing GPT, Commerce GPT, Slack GPT, Tableau GPT, Flow GPT and Apex GPT.

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