Revolutionizing CX: Generative AI’s Emerging Impact


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  • AI’s impact. Generative AI in customer experience is reshaping the game. 
  • Current presence. LLMs advance AI chatbots for better customer engagement.
  • Creative boost. AI expedites asset creation and visualization.

Generative AI is already starting to have an impact on the way some companies approach CX, and it’s almost certain that more customer experience organizations will start working with generative AI soon. That’s because generative AI can drive efficiency as well as creativity and productivity, providing the potential to create campaigns faster and personalize engagements better. Because of the short time to ROI it offers across major industries, generative AI topped Forrester’s Top 10 Emerging Technologies of 2023.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of generative AI in customer experience. 

It’s worth noting that generative AI in customer experience has been present in applications for years, primarily since large language models (LLMs) helped AI chatbots evolve into tools for better customer engagement. However, with generative AI and new enterprise tools to work with it, we’ve reached an interesting tipping point. We’re now seeing generative AI raising customer expectations about how promptly brands respond to their requests and how personalized their engagements with brands can and should be.

Generative AI in Customer Experience: Powerful New Tools for Conceptualization and Personalization

One of the most exciting potential CX applications for generative AI is accelerating the creative process for new assets. The traditional process is to develop and articulate concepts, storyboard them and then iterate until there’s a final version of the asset. With generative AI visual art tools, it’s easier and faster to create different visuals for concepts, so you can move more quickly to presenting the ideas to stakeholders, coming to a consensus, moving into production and finalizing the assets.

Generative AI in customer experience also has the potential to speed up the process of mapping the customer journey to identify personalization opportunities. Given the right data, generative AI can plot those experiences almost automatically. That capability creates opportunities to optimize the funnel through dynamic copy, imagery and product recommendations based on data — all in a more immediate and responsive way that isn’t possible without AI.

A silver vintage coupe with a couple inside with the woman raising her arms into the air drives down a beachside road, suggesting the benefits of generative AI in customer experience on the customer journey.
The benefits of generative AI in customer experience can enhance personalization, boost efficiency and reshape strategy.EpicStockMedia on Adobe Stock Photos

An example from the hospitality industry is a luxury resort chain that’s starting to use AI tools in its enterprise platform to create more deeply personalized experiences that ultimately convert at a higher rate and provide a higher level of guest satisfaction. Rather than manually tagging and content mapping the journey for different personas, like parents traveling with young children, the platform’s AI allows for real-time, seamless personalization and frees up team resources for other initiatives.

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