Navigating Brand Excellence: Planet Fitness’s Journey


As one of the largest and fastest-growing fitness center franchises in the U.S., Planet Fitness has a strong commitment to give customers an excellent experience with their service team. Not only do they have to think about appealing to their American customers, but also those around the world in Canada, Mexico, Panama and Australia. The social media care representatives that interact with customers have 24/7 duties across the world to delight customers with engaging, personalized and effective service.

However, accomplishing this across countries and multiple social media touchpoints is not easy. Here’s how Planet Fitness accomplished their goal.

Inside Planet Fitness’s Challenges

Strong brands have a reputation to support and maintain as they grow, and Planet Fitness is no exception. Last year, each of their agents covered as many as 3,000 cases a month, and they communicated with customers and prospects on a variety of platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Yelp, Google Reviews, email and more. There’s also a wide array of questions agents must answer, including concerns that arise in fitness franchises around the world, and brand-related questions that arise on social media platforms.

What worked in their favor is that starting in 2020, social media care representatives began using Sprinklr to manage its social presence, customer service and brand reputation from one unified platform. The challenge was that it took a lot of time to respond to customers thoughtfully and effectively. Beyond this, agents needed to be able to shift their tone depending on the platform they were responding on. Certain feedback required a more lighthearted approach, like on social media platforms such as TikTok, while other service requests required a more formal tone, like on Google Reviews.

Finding the Solution

In June 2023, Planet Fitness joined a beta group for Sprinklr AI+ — Sprinklr’s new solution that gave brands unified generative AI capabilities. The goal of adopting this new capability was to ease the burden for social media representatives and give them the tools to have more high-quality interactions with customers, all while spending less time crafting responses.

The social media and reputation management team also wanted to see how Sprinklr AI+ could deepen the insights they were getting from social listening. The team used social listening to understand trends in brand sentiment in real time and make certain business decisions based on these trends. AI technology had the potential to make that process more efficient. Query-building for social listening insights is a Sprinklr AI+ feature that promised to help with this. It helps teams construct queries and create reports for stakeholders based on key findings. It also helps social media teams learn about important trends in conversation topics or themes quickly, allowing them to respond proactively rather than be caught off guard.


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