Moving on From Cookies to First Party Data

Moving on From Cookies to First Party Data

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  • Data shift. Prioritize first-party data for enriched audience profiling.
  • Third-party cookie challenge. Navigate identity gaps post third-party cookie deprecation.
  • Holistic engagement focus. Adopt holistic strategies for effective customer engagement.

Recently, Advertising Week 2023 brought together attendees and speakers from every faction of the Madtech ecosystem to explore the challenges (third -party cookie deprecation) and opportunities (AI-powered everything) du jour.

What crystalized from the conference is that despite the noisy crosstalk on the patchwork of solutions, we are no closer to having an answer to the cookie conundrum: the resulting identity and re-targeting gaps left in the wake of retiring the third-party cookie. And we might not for quite a while. Many marketers are still trying to crack the code on relevant, privacy-friendly personalization 20 years into the capability.

Let’s take a look at moving beyond third-party data to first-party data. 

Rethinking Beyond Third-Party Cookies to First-Party Data

Advertisers and marketers will need to get creative to achieve accurate cross-channel identification for their audiences upon cookie deactivation. This is not a bad thing. Cookies have far too long been a crutch in the absence of a similarly priced, more accurate alternative. Safari has already deprecated cookies on 30% of internet traffic and mobile identifiers are being phased out.

A round cookie box with paper holders filled with crumbs against a purple background in piece about first party data and third party cookie deprecation.
Safari has already deprecated cookies on 30% of internet traffic and mobile identifiers are being phased outAndrei on Adobe Stock Photos

One thing communicated loud and clear at Advertising Week is that the time has passed for brands to begin testing new solutions to personalize interactions and augment identity capabilities with other methods. If you haven’t already started, it’s time to get up to speed and do so fast.

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Revolutionizing Engagement with Holistic Strategies

It’s time to holistically think outside the box. There isn’t one queen to rule them all, so it’s time to get creative with first-party data, alternate identifiers and new measurement best practices.

A photo shot through the confines of a cardboard box up into a blue sky where a black bird and white clouds can be seen in piece about first party data.
It’s time to start thinking outside the box when it comes to first party data. Ivelin Radkov on Adobe Stock Photos

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