Mastering AI Trends for Business Success


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  • Embrace core values. Ensure AI trends align with your brand’s core values and mission for genuine representation.
  • Customer-centric focus. AI implementations should enhance the customer experience, making users feel heard, helped and special.
  • Stay agile with AI. With rapid tech evolution, businesses should remain flexible, avoiding long-term commitments to quickly outdated AI systems.

While AI trends promise a future of efficiency, I’m here to confront the overlooked question: How does it truly address our clients’ most pressing needs? 

Picture this: You’re whisked into a company’s strategy meeting, all eyes on innovation. You’re circled up, when in walks that executive, going on about the latest AI chatbot find. For a moment, every exec’s face lights up with childlike awe — as if they’ve just been handed a magic wand.

They’ve been convinced this tech is the golden ticket to slashing wait times and give their brand the upper hand in the market. And honestly, who wouldn’t be tempted? We’ve all been there. But it’s time for a reality check from someone like me — marketing strategist and AI integration consultant with 20 years experience. 

Magic wand with golden swirl and sparkles isolated on transparent background in piece about AI integration.
You’re circled up, when in walks that executive, going on about the latest AI chatbot find. For a moment, every exec’s face lights up with childlike awe — as if they’ve just been handed a magic wand.Likanaris on Adobe Stock Photos

Promise: This is not about putting a damper on your enthusiasm. Rather, it’s about grounding our strategy in something more than just the allure of the next big thing. Let’s peel back the layers and figure out how you can make better decisions around AI trends in your company.

AI Trends Tip No. 1: Know Who You Are: Hamilton or Burr

You know the line from Hamilton? 

“If you stand for nothing, Burr, what will you fall for?” 

Navigating AI trends is a lot like that Hamilton stance: The brand champions need to understand its ethos before it ventures into an electrifying dance number. It’s time to revisit those core values and mission statements we all hold dear. You know, the ones the CMO trots out once a year like some sacred ritual. They’re not just pretty words — they’re essential to ensuring that the AI chatbot world genuinely represents what we’re all about. On the contrary, a “Burr” would just proceed without revisiting, possibly overtaking the decision team with new faces minus core ethos experience and training, just roll the dice on output.

Let me explain.

Imagine you’re in that call center, gunning for efficiency with the latest AI software. But pause — does our mission really boil down to being the quickest draw in the West, or is it about delivering unmatched customer engagement? Anyone who’s ever felt rushed off a phone call knows faster doesn’t always mean better. 

Real talk: What is your brand promise? And how is AI going to really solve a problem that gets you closer to delivering on this?

While so many companies are missing the boat with integrating AI into their interfaces by forgetting to align execution to core purpose, I encourage companies to embrace a very specific piece of research that can be a game changer. McKinsey throws a spotlight on the need for keeping the human touch in AI-enhanced services, noting a whopping 75% of customers juggle multiple channels during their journey. This nugget of wisdom tells us that AI chatbots need to fit into a broader, more human-centric customer service strategy, one that complements rather than replaces the personal touch. Anyone else itching for a team huddle asap to discuss this? I’ll bring the fringe collars and white wigs.

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AI Trends Tip No. 2: Do Your Customers Make Your Heart Flutter?

At the core of every decision we make as business leaders, there’s one truth we can’t ignore: The customer’s experience is everything. I’m pretty sure this is the tattoo you receive upon completing an MBA program now.


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