Leading Social Media Managers Ignite Market with New AI

Leading Social Media Managers Ignite Market with New AI

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  • The end of writer’s block? Hootsuite announces the launch of an AI-powered content generator for social media.
  • Social media management rapidly incorporates AI. Salesforce, Adobe and others announce their own AI integrations.
  • Social market ready to blast off. The global social media management market is estimated to reach $70.6 billion in 2027.

As top social media management companies race to incorporate AI, Hootsuite, one of the market’s original players, has announced the launch of its AI-powered content generator, OwlyWriter AI.

According to Natalia Williams, Hootsuite’s chief product officer, the new tech is powered by generative pre-trained transformer technology (GPT) and prompt engineering/variance to ensure that no two users generate the same content on a similar topic and was developed as a step-by-step tool that requires very little information to generate post ideas and captions tailored to various social media platforms.

“Social marketers are pumping out content with agility, every single day — accompanied by the inevitable challenge of creative block,” Williams said. “We knew anecdotally that social marketers constantly struggle with a lack of ideas and readily-available content to post on social, as well as a lack of time to find inspiration — and polled our customers on social media to see if we identified their pain points correctly.”

They did. Hootsuite customers overwhelmingly selected “coming up with content ideas” as a top pain point.

“OwlyWriter AI’s magic sauce is in the prompts and formulas we’ve developed to generate quality social content you can use on your next post,” Williams said. “OwlyWriter AI and our other AI content creation tools layer in our years of social media expertise to help address the unique challenge of coming up with and creating compelling posts on social media.”

In addition, Williams said content generated from OwlyWriter AI can be integrated into other parts of the Hootsuite experience such as Hootsuite Composer and the scheduling post functionality. Eventually, the company plans to embed OwlyWriter AI into the full Hootsuite experience.

Hootsuite originally launched in 2008, as a free, cloud-based tool for desktop users to manage all their social accounts from a single dashboard. Company officials made the new offering available today as an open beta to its customers free of cost, for a limited time, in the hope of collecting feedback that will inform the tech’s continued innovation.

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Social Media Management Market Races to Adopt AI

Hootsuite is certainly not alone in the AI race.

Just today, Salesforce announced new Einstein GPT and Data Cloud capabilities for Flow, its portfolio of automation tools. In March, Salesforce launched its own generative AI CRM technology, Einstein GPT, just one day after HubSpot founder and Chief Technology Officer Dharmesh Shah publicized his company’s latest foray into generative AI with the alpha release of HubSpot’s ChatSpot.ai, powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Adobe unveiled its new generative AI arsenal during the Adobe Summit last month with the beta release of Adobe Firefly and a new array of Sensei GenAI services, that will be natively integrated into Adobe apps. 

In January, Emplifi launched AI Composer, incorporating OpenAI’s GPT-3, to generate ready-to-publish social media content. And Sprout Social, another big player in the market, announced the acquisition of RepuState, an AI-powered natural language processing and machine learning platform. According to company officials, the acquisition would allow the company to offer more advanced AI abilities and expand its capabilities in sentiment analysis, intent detection and chatbot automation.

“Sentiment analysis and artificial intelligence are key to managing social media at scale and with the addition of Repustate technology, we’re excited to bring an even deeper set of capabilities to our customers,” Justyn Howard, CEO and co-founder of Sprout Social said in a statement. “We believe the addition of Repustate’s AI, domain expertise and talented team will accelerate our technology roadmap across core Sprout products including aspect-based and industry sentiment within our social listening capabilities and enhanced functionality for inbox messaging and social customer care.”

Last month, Aaron Rankin, CTO and co-founder of Sprout Social, penned a blog about investing in AI, and to assure customers that “safety and accountability will continue to be paramount.”

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