Key Takeaways From Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelona


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  • Event highlights. This year’s Mobile World Congress took place in Barcelona from Feb. 26-29. 
  • Humanizing AI. MWC officials highlighted that generative AI is on the verge of transformation. 
  • 5G and beyond. The event explores how upcoming 5G advancements can improve user experiences.

Mobile World Congress (MWC) took its show to Barcelona, Spain this week at the Fira Barcelona Gran Via. The show kicked off Feb. 26 and lasts through Feb. 29. The event features keynote and general speakers talking about this year’s theme, Future First, according to MWC officials. 

Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2024: What’s Coming?

The MWC 2024 event theme focuses on Future First, which works towards solving challenges of today and tomorrow, according to GSMA. It is shaped by six sub-themes that reflect the latest technologies and trends, with four of these sub-themes centering on customer experience and satisfaction. 

Humanizing AI

“The hottest topic right now is generative AI — AI in general,” said Dan Hays, Telco Leader at PwC

More than 40 sessions at the event focus on artificial intelligence, with Mobile World Congress officials emphasizing that generative AI is on the verge of transforming the way we work, live and interact. Despite this potential, only 35% of business leaders have expressed a focus on governing AI systems and processes.

The question arises: How can businesses place a priority on adopting a responsible approach to AI, integrating trust by design into all aspects of their operations? It becomes crucial for organizations to consider not only the governance of AI but also aspects such as data, model and bias risks.

“Alongside the more traditional connectivity theme, AI and generative AI will take center stage at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona,” Thomas Husson, vice president and principal analyst of Forrester, said. “With the presence of Microsoft’s president and Google’s DeepMind CEO, AI will not just be at the heart of the conference but also part of most vendors’ pitch to optimize B2B and B2C telecom experiences, from hardware to software via networks.”

Ilana Golbin Blumenfeld, Responsible AI Lead, and Bret Greenstein, Data Analytics Partner and GenAI Lead at PwC, also discussed the transformation of the future within businesses with GenAI and how to scale responsibly. 

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5G and Beyond

So, how is 5G shaping the future?

The advantages of 5G are extensive and diverse. 5G has played a pivotal role in fostering intelligence at the network edge. As we move into the next phase of 5G, emphasizing the necessity for comprehensive AI integration, forthcoming mobile generations are poised to rapidly learn, self-orchestrate and introduce novel possibilities in our interactions with devices.


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