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  • Embracing change. The pandemic fast-forwarded digital transformation in marketing.
  • Customer centricity. Apptio’s marketing strategy focuses on enriching CX.
  • Pipeline targets. The effectiveness of marketing strategies is measured by hitting pipeline exit targets.

As chief marketing officer of Apptio, Allison Breeding oversees the company’s global marketing team — a team focused on driving brand recognition and demand for Apptio’s technology business management (TBM) solutions worldwide. Allison brings more than 20 years of experience in global demand generation, market category creation and building high-performing marketing teams.

Most recently, she served as the VP of Global Marketing at Anaplan, a SaaS cloud platform company. In this role she transformed and scaled a revenue marketing practice and team, contributing to strong year-over-year growth for the company. Allison’s belief in building strong teams and putting customers first has delivered success at her previous leadership roles at Docker Inc., GE Digital, Red Hat and Corning. Allison graduated from Elon University with a BS in International Business.

In the wake of the global pandemic, the marketing landscape underwent a rapid transformation, presenting both challenges and opportunities for businesses worldwide. As companies raced to adapt to the new digital age, marketing leaders have stood at the forefront of this change, orchestrating strategies that emphasized customer centricity, pipeline targets and data-driven decision-making.

Today, we delve into the secrets of success in how Allison and marketing teams helped drive brand recognition and demand with strategies and approaches that are shaping the future of marketing in a world driven by digital transformation.

We caught up with Allison for a five-question Q&A on her role as CMO in our latest edition of the CMSWire CMO Circle series.

Editor’s note: This transcript is edited for clarity.

From Classroom to C-Suite: An Unbroken Marketing Journey

Jennifer Torres: Hi, this is Jennifer Torres, reporter with CMSWire and this is CMO Circle. Today I’m very excited to welcome Allison Breeding, CMO at Apptio. Welcome, Allison.

Allison Breeding: Thank you so much. Happy to be here.

Torres: Well, we’re happy to have you. So, we’ll get right to it. My first question for you is, how did you get involved in the marketing field?

Breeding: You know, I am one of those rare people that went to college to be in marketing and I’m in marketing. So, when I was trying to decide, I knew I wanted to be in business. I was trying to decide which area I wanted to specialize in. I took a few marketing classes and loved them.

And, you know, I just I set my sights on being a marketer out of the gate and have been ever since.

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Diving into the Digital Deep End: A CMO’s Maiden Voyage Amid Pandemic Tides

Torres: Very good well, with things like generative AI and Large Language Models, how has the role of CMO in this digital age?

Breeding: It’s so interesting, Jennifer, I became a CMO in the middle of the pandemic. So, first time CMO and so many changes were coming at me at once and I do think that the pandemic really put digital transformation into a fast forward motion across the board. And so, not only was that important to what I did as a CMO of Apptio, but also how I am going to market, and it’s been so important to stay on top of just all of the trends that are coming our way.

It’s incredibly important to understand where how our customers are consuming data, how they prefer to consume data and be very aware of all the changes in privacy regulations, ChatGPT, AI — so much modern tech coming our way that I think it’s kept us on our toes. And it’s just been very important to kind of stay at least in line with what’s coming our way.

We’re kind of a growth mindset team here. So, we love to try new things. We try to keep a very open mind, we are not afraid to fail, we just fail fast and keep moving forward. I think that coupled with just the importance to really embrace data and make sure that that you’re using that to move as fast as you possibly can to know what’s working, and to be able to make changes — all of that, I think has been a very dynamic and interesting twist to the life of the CMO which has historically been very brand oriented and that sort of thing. But it’s been a very interesting gig. That’s for sure.


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