Inside Look: Umbraco’s 2024 Roadmap


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  • Umbraco’s momentum. Umbraco saw significant growth in 2023 with new features like Umbraco Commerce and a focus on professional development.
  • 2024 roadmap insights. The Winter Keynote highlighted Umbraco’s 2024 priorities, including enhanced APIs, composable architecture, and low-code interfaces.
  • Continued innovation. Umbraco is set to evolve with a focus on stability, expanded capabilities, and a revamped partner program.

Last year was a busy year for Umbraco, an open source content management system. The platform went from strength to strength.

It had an active product roadmap that included the launch of Umbraco Commerce, the evolution of Umbraco Cloud and the end-of-year release of Umbraco 13. The popular annual conference Umbraco Codegarden also celebrated the professional development community, which is often highly active.

In general, Umbraco moved forward without necessarily losing its core strengths: being easy to use with an intuitive editing experience, and having a passionate professional community.

What can we expect from Umbraco in 2024? Recently, Umbraco held a Winter Keynote event that featured some of its leadership team and outlined some of its strategic priorities, as well as the specific product roadmap for 2024.

Let’s explore some of the themes emerging from the keynote.

Umbraco’s Direction of Travel in 2024

Regardless of what was covered in the keynote, at a high level it seems likely that Umbraco’s direction of travel in 2024 will be a continuation of the themes we’ve seen in 2023. Some of these are common digital customer experience trends that can be seen with other platforms and vendors:

  • Continuing support for headless publishing; for example with enhanced APIs
  • Increased emphasis on composable features and support for composable architecture
  • Increased functionality and features to widen capabilities, enabling Umbraco to grow from a Content Management System (CMS) to a Digital Experience Platform (DXP)
  • Leveraging low-code/no-code interfaces to give marketers and business users more power and less need to rely on IT colleagues
  • Continuing to expand the ability to integrate with other solutions with the necessary connectors
  • Appealing to a wider selection of organizations, particularly larger enterprises.

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Keeping the Platform Current and Stable

Umbraco has kept the platform current and stable with a regular and predictable cadence of releases, and with a far easier and less painful upgrade path, particularly after Umbraco 10. This marks one of its significant achievements in the past couple of years.

This stability provides a medium- to long-term view of the platform. It allows more businesses — including enterprises — to commit to using the platform for their wider digital footprint and corporate website, above and beyond projects or sites that have a more limited shelf life. Umbraco focused on the latter in the past.

A key attribute of Umbraco in 2024 is that the platform will continue to be current, stable and predictable. For example, Umbraco 13 was launched in late December and is a long-term supported release. It is designed to support projects until at least Q4 2026, and also be straightforward to upgrade.

Umbraco 13 also supports .NET 8 so it also has stronger performance and is better for developers. Additionally, the official add-ons from Umbraco, including Commerce, Forms and Deploy, are also all now up to date with Umbraco 13.

The target dates for the 2024 release cadence are also published; Umbraco 14 is due in May, and Umbraco 15 in November, each as short-term supported releases. However, like any roadmap, these dates are prone to shift. For example, Umbraco 14’s target date has already shifted by a couple of weeks.

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Focusing on Umbraco’s Existing Strengths, While Shoring up the Partner Program

As for winter keynote session, many touted Umbraco’s recognized strengths, in particular its passionate global development community. Umbraco’s ease of use, particularly for non-business users and content editors, remains a selling point.


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