HubSpot’s Platform-Wide Embrace of AI

HubSpot’s Platform-Wide Embrace of AI

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  • Generative AI tools. HubSpot’s annual conference and product showcase opens today.
  • AI focus. HubSpot rolls out a new suite of generative AI tools with HubSpot AI.
  • Enhanced features: Sales Hub gets an AI makeover.

With a sold-out audience expected to draw 11,000 attendees from across the globe, HubSpot INBOUND 2023, the company’s annual conference and product showcase, opens today to reveal a new suite of generative AI tools.

A New Suite of Generative AI Tools

The company’s biggest reveal?

HubSpot AI is a new suite of generative AI tools and features. Among them, AI Assistants — generative AI tools intended to facilitate various tasks for marketing, sales and customer service teams. According to HubSpot, AI Assistants will function across their entire platform to assist teams in drafting content, generating blog ideas, creating images, building websites and developing reports.

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A smart phone reveals the name and logo of HubSpot's ChatSpot, a generative AI tool, in anticipation of a new suite of AI tools at the Inbound 2023 conference.
HubSpot’s ChatSpot, a generative AI tool, was released in March. sdx15 on Adobe Stock Photos

AI Insights for Predictive Analytics

Also new — AI Insights, built to provide predictive analytics and recommendations, with AI-powered forecasting. And released in alpha in March, HubSpot’s ChatSpot is now currently in public beta. According to company officials, since launching, ChatSpot has seen 80,000 total users with 20,000 prompts created. Also slated for release in early 2024, an AI Agents feature automates and enhances customer service capabilities and is designed to operate across live chat and email services.

The brick facade of HubSpot's Headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with a vertical sign with the company name and logo in anticipation of the unveiling of a new suite of generative AI tools at Inbound 2023.
HubSpot will unveil a new suite of generative AI tools at its Inbound 2023 conference. Tada Images on Adobe Stock Photos

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HubSpot’s Sales Hub Unveils Generative AI Tools for Automation

Just ahead of the conference, Olsen Antos, director of marketing at CETDIGIT, posted to LinkedIn, and said that he’s hoping to see new features announced in the Sales Hub, adding that, “Given HubSpot’s increasing focus on revenue operations and enabling self-service, I wouldn’t be surprised to see more AI-driven automation capabilities.”

Antos will get his wish.

Optimizing Sales Processes

HubSpot’s Sales Hub rolled out a series of new features aimed at optimizing sales processes for teams including prospecting workspace. Currently in public beta, this feature is designed to offer sales representatives a unified platform for managing prospecting activities and to help reps organize, focus and identify urgent tasks in one centralized location.

Lead Management & Reporting Features

Also in public beta, advanced lead management and reporting features have been introduced to enhance the tracking, organization and prioritization of leads. This includes reports for lead source, contact rate and prospecting activities and offers a comprehensive view of the success rate of representative outreach, including metrics on conversion rates and activities.

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