How Taylor Swift Scores Big for NFL Brand Engagement

How Taylor Swift Scores Big for NFL Brand Engagement

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  • Branding strategies explored. Leverage organic growth and brand authenticity for lasting impact in the market.
  • Brand authenticity matters. Genuine connections between brand and audience enhance customer loyalty and trust.
  • Enhancing customer engagement. Cultivating new demographics through relatable narratives expands reach and deepens engagement.

As a child, I grew up in the greatest sporting region of this great country.

New England.

Where the Super Bowl trophies were minted consecutively, where rings were formed and shaped, where Tom Brady shattered records and where the blueprint for the modern dynasty was written. There was nothing better than being a Patriots fan knowing that every single season, we had a chance to win it all. Even better than knowing that we were likely going to win, was getting to watch it with friends, family and new people that we’d meet at local watering holes who also happened to be Patriots fans. That team and its players brought people together — for the better.

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Brand Authenticity Through an Unexpected Catalyst

And though the Patriots’ reign has ended, prompting fans to “Shake It Off,” a new dynasty emerges with the Kansas City Chiefs. This fresh powerhouse serves as an unexpected catalyst, drawing new viewers to the NFL — a goal long sought by the league.

And that unexpected catalyst just so happens to be the world’s (and maybe universe’s) biggest artist. The one and only Taylor Swift.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock this NFL season, you know that Taylor Swift is currently dating the star tight end of the Kansas City Chiefs, Travis Kelce. With that, has come some questions from the internet sleuths around the validity of this newly formed “Love Story.” Some say it’s fake, some say the NFL scripted it — others say it’s politically driven.

Head shot of Travis Kelce wearing a red suit jacket and black T-shirt sporting a beard and smiling in piece about branding strategies and brand authenticitty.
Travis Kelce in the Oval Office of the White House on June 5, 2023Adam Schultzon Wikimedia Commons

But before we jump to conclusions, let us not forget that we have seen this situation play out before.

Where might you ask? Easy, our very own New England GOAT (greatest of all time) experienced this exact situation when he started dating Gisele Bündchen back in 2007.

Is this history repeating itself? It sure appears to be so. And guess what: the NFL loves it. Like, REALLY loves it. And guess what, so do I. Listen, I’m not the biggest T-Swift fan, that’s no secret — but I love it because it offers some important lessons in customer experience and brand authenticity.

Let’s take a walk through a great example of enhancing customer engagement, keeping in mind how to keep it organic and with brand authenticity. 

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Past Stereotypical Branding Efforts

It’s no secret the NFL has always longed for a bigger female demographic, and at times the league has come under scrutiny for, as some would say, shallow stereotypical efforts to attract women to the sport. (Pink Jersey creation and breast cancer awareness campaigns.)

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A New Chapter

But this time it’s much different. Why? Because the inclusion of Taylor Swift into the NFL’s limelight feels organic, natural and native.

And you know what? I’m all for it! The introduction of Taylor Swift is creating a whole new set of NFL fans and viewers — sound familiar? It should.

Every single brand in the world would love to have the opportunity to have someone like Taylor Swift endorse its brand. Her popularity and influence is massive, and there are some lessons here on how your brand can position itself to embrace the unexpected and ride the wave of hype and excitement to newly found customers and brand authenticity.

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