How SilverTech Solved Digital Challenges for F&M Bank

How SilverTech Solved Digital Challenges for F&M Bank

The digital banking space has seen increased penetration for some time now, and shows no signs of slowing down. In 2023, 63% of bank account holders processed bank matters via mobile banking — a 5% increase from just two years ago. Digital banking adoption also transcends generations (half of all Baby Boomers and nearly 80% of Millennials use digital banking). In this environment, digital banking can provide a wealth of customer insights for those companies looking to invest in the right technology.

But without the right technology, marketers can’t capitalize on what makes their customers happy. This was the scenario F&M Bank recently found itself in. “One of the biggest challenges that we face as a community bank is leveraging our legacy systems and data to convert into usable insights and actions,” said Amy Cover, chief marketing officer for F&M Bank.

To address their digital challenges, F&M Bank partnered with digital experience firm SilverTech, to explore new products and solutions that would provide the insights F&M Bank’s legacy WordPress systems couldn’t. In turn, SilverTech helped F&M Bank implement Sitefinity, a modern CMS solution from Progress.

CMSWire recently spoke with Cover and Erin Presseau, vice president of marketing at SilverTech, for an in-depth discussion of what F&M Bank was looking for in a technology upgrade and how they worked with SilverTech to achieve their vision.

Find Yourself a Partner

Thanks in part to the heightened regulatory nature of their industry, many banks are often using legacy systems that don’t have the ability to capture nuanced customer data. F&M Bank’s previous system was one such legacy product. “We weren’t able to glean any actual actionable insights out of our previous system at all,” Cover said.

A trusted partner makes all the difference when executing a complex system upgrade. “We’ve been working on a digital strategy for a couple of years now, and we were really looking for a partner that could truly help us take that digital strategy to the next level,” Cover said.

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