Guess Who’s Back at OpenAI? Sam Altman Rehired as CEO

Guess Who’s Back at OpenAI? Sam Altman Rehired as CEO

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  • Leadership reversal at OpenAI. Sam Altman, initially fired by the OpenAI board and then hired by Microsoft, has returned to his position as CEO of OpenAI. This leadership shakeup also sees the return of Greg Brockman, president and cofounder of OpenAI, who had quit following Altman’s initial dismissal.
  • OpenAI board restructured. The upheaval led to a significant restructuring of the OpenAI board, with most of the previous members stepping down. The new board includes Bret Taylor, Larry Summers and Adam D’Angelo, marking a shift toward a potentially more stable and effective governance structure.
  • Continued focus on generative AI development. Despite the dramatic executive changes, the focus on exploring and testing generative AI in marketing and customer experience remains unchanged. This indicates that the technological development and application of generative AI will continue to be a priority for OpenAI and its partners.

Sam Altman, Satya Nadella and the rest of the cast of “Who’s Your CEO?” got posting on X again in the wee hours of this morning.

The latest twist in this corporate saga between OpenAI, the OpenAI board, about 700 OpenAI employees, Microsoft and the millions of popcorn-wielding followers of the drama?

Sam Altman has the same job he had five days ago. He’s CEO of OpenAI — again.

Altman, fired by the OpenAI board five days ago and hired by Microsoft as CEO of a new AI research unit three days later, is back at OpenAI as CEO. Greg Brockman, president and cofounder of OpenAI who quit after OpenAI’s board fired Altman, is back. And likely so are the hundreds of OpenAI employees who threatened to quit and head to Microsoft unless the OpenAI Board resigned. About that OpenAI board — most of them are, in fact, out.

All told in this executive reality show where jobs — not roses — are handed out? Nothing has changed, at least at the top. The top executive five days ago of the makers of ChatGPT, the generative AI app that debuted about a year ago and changed how the world views and uses artificial intelligence, is still the top executive.

OpenAI, Microsoft Executives Get Posting on X — Again

The latest news broke on the platform X in the wee hours of this morning — Wednesday, Nov. 22 — just like it did in the wee hours of Monday morning, Nov. 20 when Microsoft CEO Nadella announced he named Altman as CEO of his new AI group and took in Brockman for the ride, too.

But after the clock struck midnight on the East Coast last night, The Gang got posting again. (Editor’s note: Aren’t you supposed to not post on social media after midnight? Or was that just feeding Gremlins?).

Here you go:

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