Google Analytics Steps Up With New Admin & Email Updates


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  • Google Analytics updates features. Redesigned admin page enhances workflow efficiency.
  • Scheduled report updates. New email scheduler for regular analytic updates.
  • Analytics evolution showcased. Features reflect Google Analytics’ significant progress.

Google announced two new features in Google Analytics updates that aid how users manage the administration of reports. It issued a redesign of the administration page and an email scheduler update. Both features enhance how analytics should be managed.

Google Analytics Updates New Administration Page

The redesigned admin page is geared toward streamlining administrative tasks as panels that appear on page. The original arrangement required the users to navigate right to see each channel offering to be selected. The new arrangement creates a quicker and more efficient workflow for marketers.

Google provided a screenshot of the transformed Admin page in its Google Analytics help section. Here is what it looks like: 

Google’s screenshot of the transformed Admin page in its Google Analytics help section regarding the recent Google Analytics updates.
Google’s screenshot of the transformed Admin page in its Google Analytics help section.Google

The previous administration page essentially displayed three channels, one for account, one for property, and then one for data stream. The new layout regroups the sections into subpanels, so there is one for account settings, and property settings.

A section dedicated to data streams is still present, but it has been renamed “Data Collection and Modification,” serving as a dedicated panel for managing data inflow into the GA account. The remaining responsibilities for data control are now under “Data Display,” one of the two new sections, which governs the presentation of data in reports. 

The other new section is “Product Links,” which manages settings and connections to other Google services, including Google Ads, Search Console and Floodlight.

This setup aims to simplify locating and adjusting settings by categorizing them as users would typically encounter in a GA4 account. The design is appropriately tailored for ease of use. The previous layout aligned sections with account access, yet it partly reflected the navigation style of legacy GA versions. With most users accessing their accounts on tablets and laptops, having well-organized panels places pertinent information at the forefront.

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Google Analytics Updates the Email Scheduler

Meanwhile, the new email scheduler lets GA account administrators schedule analytic reports to be emailed to team members who have access to a GA4 account on a regular basis. This enables team members to receive reports reflecting periodic changes of the metrics they are meant to monitor. 

To use it, analysts must verify their Google Analytics access level: Only administrators can schedule reports.


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