Generative AI, Prompt Engineering, Customer Rage

Generative AI, Prompt Engineering, Customer Rage

The digital landscape continued its rapid expansion, making it even more crucial to stay informed about the latest advancements and trends. This week’s CMSWire highlights cover a range of topics, from mitigating customer frustration with long hold messages to leveraging generative AI for enhancing customer experience and marketing strategies. And, of course, another new partnership came into the fray — it was a busy week!

These are just a few topics from this past week on CMSWire. Read on for these stories, tips on prompt engineering and more. 

Navigating the Growing Digital Realm

Let’s take a glance through the highlights from CMSWire’s past week:

Ban Long Hold Messages to Avoid Customer Rage John A. Goodman | April 21. Over 43% of consumers say they have raised their voice to a service person. What is it that drives consumers to such anger? One of the main triggers is long messages — especially when customers are simply trying to reach a human.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enhances Viva Sales With Generative AI Raleigh Butler | April 20. A new update to Microsoft’s Viva Sales introduced several enhancements. The app will now have more time-saving features built with generative AI. This update is currently available and will be offered at the existing price point.

Totango & Unite to Offer New Generative AI CX Features Raleigh Butler | April 19. A composable customer success platform combines forces with a chatbot. Totango aims to boost efficiency and CX with its new integration of

Prompt Engineering and Its Vital Role in AI-Driven Marketing Pierre De Bois | April 19. Chatbots don’t have the same “people skills” that are so often needed to extract implied meaning. Sure, prompts aren’t the same as typing up code. But more often than not, these chatbots need as much specificity as possible. Read on for some tips on prompt engineering.

Revolutionizing the Digital Economy: Experience-Led Growth Takes Center Stage Frank Palermo | April 17. The Adobe Summit held in late March emphasized the significance of generative AI in driving customer experience improvements. As generative AI is increasingly adopted to enhance CX, the event showcased several key announcements and insights. Continue reading for more highlights from the summit.

CMSWire Connect: May 10-12, Austin, Texas

Did you know we’re heading to the Lone Star State? CMSWire is holding its first in-person conference since November 2019 when it brings CMSWire Connect to Austin, Texas May 10-12.

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