Generative AI for Customer Service: A CEO’s Guide

Generative AI for Customer Service: A CEO’s Guide

No single area of an organization provides a better foundation to demonstrate generative AI success than customer service.

The interplay between AI tools, human agents, and customers offers CEOs a distinctive opportunity to generate value while building operational proficiency in new ways of engaging.

The IBM Institute for Business Value has identified three things every leader needs to know:

  1. Customer service has leapfrogged other functions to become CEOs’ #1 generative AI priority.
  2. 85% of execs say generative AI will be interacting directly with customers in the next two years.
  3. Piloting generative AI in customer service can speed a successful enterprise-wide rollout.

And three things every leader needs to do right now:

  1. Turn human agents into heroes by giving them generative AI tools.
  2. Use generative AI to personalize customer interactions like never before.
  3. Exploit successes and learnings in customer service.

What You Need To Know

Customer Service Has Leapfrogged Other Functions To Become CEOs’ #1 Generative AI Priority

Customer service has jumped to the top of the generative AI implementation list, cited by more CEOs than any other organizational function or service.

Executives recognize the power of generative AI to deliver transformation in customer service. They anticipate a long list of benefits, with shortened response times and improved overall customer experience at the top.

But the path to all benefits starts with agents.

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