From Free to Fee: TweetDeck Becomes X Pro

From Free to Fee: TweetDeck Becomes X Pro

The Gist

  • Transforming TweetDeck. Now a subscriber-only product called X Pro.
  • Pay to play. Users must be Twitter Blue verified.
  • X Pro view. Control multiple timeline columns in one interface.

In a move that could reshape the digital marketing landscape, Elon Musk’s revamped social network, X (previously Twitter), has unveiled its rebranded social media dashboard: X Pro, the successor to the well-loved TweetDeck. Long serving as the go-to platform for marketers juggling multiple brand and client accounts, X Pro is now ensconced behind a paywall, accessible exclusively to verified users of the platform.

The shift to a subscription model comes with its own set of perks, but at a price. Joining the “Twitter Blue” tier will set users back $8 monthly or $84 annually. In return, subscribers gain the coveted blue check mark, the power to edit tweets and a streamlined experience with prioritized rankings in conversations, searches and notably fewer ads.

For marketers, however, the key question remains: Will the benefits of X Pro justify its cost, or will they be forced to reevaluate their social media management strategies?

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From TweetDeck to X Pro: Will Marketers Embrace the Evolution?

TweetDeck served for years as a valuable tool for many marketers, with multiple account management capabilities, real-time monitoring and scheduled tweets — the collaborative platform also provided customizable columns to track specific hashtags, mentions, lists, keywords and the ability to perform competitor analysis.

Originally an independent app from 2009-2011, TweetDeck Ltd. was subsequently acquired by Twitter Inc. and integrated into Twitter’s interface, soon becoming one of the platforms’ most popular features — especially among marketers.

But the question remains, with the rebrand to X Pro, will the latest incarnation offer marketers even more?

What Can X Pro Offer Marketers?

In July, the company unveiled plans for a “new, improved version of TweetDeck.” However, they noted that access would be granted only to verified users, who were given a 30-day notice to secure their verification.

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