Embrace Cognitive Flexibility: Unleash Your Creative Potential


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  • Creativity is learnable. Creativity isn’t just an inherent trait; it’s a skill set that can be developed with the right mindset and tools.
  • Embrace divergent thinking. Divergent thinking is crucial for generating innovative ideas in marketing and customer experience strategies.
  • Integrate convergent thinking. Convergent thinking helps synthesize diverse ideas into cohesive, practical solutions for business challenges.

Some people might confidently declare, “I am a highly creative person,” while others may reluctantly admit that creativity is not their forte. However, emerging studies challenge the belief that creativity is an inherent trait. So, if you’ve ever thought you’re not a creative person, it may be time to reconsider.

Let’s dig into the concept of creative thinking and what marketers and customer experience leaders can learn.

Understanding Traditional Views on Creative Thinking

We often hold a fixed notion of what it means to be creative; it means we’re a person with the extraordinary ability to generate new and original ideas. Traditionally, this was measured through fluency tests like “think of as many uses as possible for this brick.” However, it’s not merely about quantity; the true measure lies in the originality and nontrivial nature of the ideas.

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The Evolution of Creativity Assessments

In a refreshing shift, today’s creativity assessments have evolved beyond mere fluency tests to narrative tests. Participants are presented with a scene, like, “The guy in the white shirt ran to the car and started driving fast toward the city,” and asked to describe where he is going. The richness of the responses, the depth of character development and the originality of the stories unveil individuals’ unique capacities to think differently.

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Characteristics of Creative Minds

Creative minds excel in inventing unexpected plot twists, delving into character motives, and injecting conflicts that add depth. The ability to generate multiple interpretations of a given scene showcases cognitive flexibility — a hallmark of creative thinking.


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