Do You Need Backlinks in 2023?

Do You Need Backlinks in 2023

By demonstrating your industry expertise, backlinks help you climb the SERPs. As a sign of confidence, Google takes this into account when determining rankings. Your organic search traffic can be directly affected if you know why links are important and how to get them.

How do backlinks influence SEO?

You can instruct the bot not to follow the URL backlinks or you can follow them to allow Google to crawl them. The first is the one that is used the most, and the second can be used for links that are sponsored or affiliated.

One of Google’s 200 ranking factors, according to SEO genius Brian Dean, is backlinks. However, bear in mind that not all backlinks are created equally. Generic backlinks are inferior to high-quality ones. One that mentions your niche (preferably to follow) is a quality inbound link.

If you start a fashion blog, for instance, other fashion-related blogs will provide you with high-quality backlinks.

How do you check the backlinks to your website?

A free backlink checker like this one from Ahrefs can be used. The tool will list all backlinks to the page you want to view after you simply enter its URL.

Why backlinks are still important in 2023 is because Google uses them as a major ranking factor. When another website links to yours, that is a backlink. Backlinks help your website rank higher in search results by demonstrating to Google that it is popular and relevant. Therefore, improving your SEO necessitates acquiring high-quality backlinks from other websites.

Backlinks are also one of the best ways to get more people to visit your website. It is a vote of confidence for your content when another website links to yours. This will boost your brand’s online presence and organic traffic. Therefore, backlinks are still crucial in 2023.

Backlinks not only aid in search engine optimization (SEO), but they also play a crucial role in establishing relationships with other websites. Requesting a link to yours from a different website lets you work together in the future. It is always beneficial to nurture these relationships whenever you can because they may prove to be beneficial in the future.

Why backlinks are important?

The importance of improving backlinks cannot be overstated. Why then?

1. Boosts your rank:

You know that backlinks assist you with positioning higher in Google and other web crawlers. You are missing out on the most important ranking factor if your website does not have high-quality backlinks to it. This demonstrates your credibility as an authority in your field and your right to appear on major search engines’ first pages.

We want to stay away from anything that goes against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, like the kind of link that belongs to a scheme to influence search results.

2. Google finds new pages in a variety of ways, including these:

Links are how the Google spider, also known as the Google bot, finds new web pages. One way we think about links is how Google navigates the Internet. It is how we find, crawl, and index content.

3. Enhance dependability and reliability.

From an SEO point of view, having quality links from reliable, authoritative sources can help you climb the ranks, but they can also help you build your company’s credibility.

Type of backlink:

The fact that not all backlinks are created equal is already being mentioned.

1. Links that don’t move:

A link is like casting a vote for a reliable resource, but what if you want to link to a site but not endorse it? should not be sent to search engines like Google.

2. Observe the link:

Simply put, the No-follow attribute is not added to a followed link because it demonstrates trust. There is no follow property and do follow backlinks are fine.

3. Paid or sponsored links:

We pay bloggers and influencers to promote our content or write product reviews. To notify Google of any monetary or ownership changes in exchange for the link, you must include the rel=” sponsored” attribute.

It is against Google’s webmaster guidelines to invest money or give gifts to follow links to another website and doing so may affect your website’s visibility in search results. It might hurt your ranking.

4. Links to UGC:

Blog posts, forum comments, and other forms of attributed UGC links implement another new feature in 2019. Google is informed by this attribute that you placed the link rather than the webmaster.

What advantages do backlinks offer?

Your website gains legitimacy in the virtual world of search engines when it has backlinks.

Because they serve as a “vote of confidence” from one website to another, backlinks are especially useful for SEO. Search engines can learn how popular your content is from backlinks to your website.

For obvious reasons, high-quality backlinks are advantageous. Your SEO rankings and domain authority will naturally rise because of this. There are relationships, both good and bad. Backlinks don’t all look the same. Ranking well on search engines like Google requires backlinks. However, backlinks are not created in the same way. Relevance, location, and other factors determine link importance.


In SEO, backlinks play an important role in ranking, but not all links are created equal! Links of high quality originate from reputable and industry-related websites. On the other hand, low-quality links originate from spam websites or websites that have nothing to do with your company.