CMSWire’s Top CX Articles of 2023

CMSWire’s Top CX Articles of 2023

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  • ChatGPT’s influence on marketing and CX. Generative AI and ChatGPT are significantly influencing customer experience and marketing, offering enhanced personalization and efficient customer engagement.
  • CDP vs. CRM. Distinct tools like CRM and CDP are essential for different aspects of customer data management, each playing a unique role in enhancing customer relationships.
  • It’s a hybrid world, after all. 2023 trends highlight the importance of integrating digital and physical experiences, prioritizing customer service, and harnessing AI for more personalized, efficient customer interactions.

As we reflect on 2023, we highlight the top 10 customer experience articles that have shaped the industry — according to our CMSWire readers. These pieces offer insights into emerging trends, technological innovations and strategic approaches that are defining the future of customer engagement. 

CXM involves managing customer interactions across all touchpoints to enhance brand loyalty and revenue. It’s distinct from CRM and employs various tools for deep customer understanding and engagement.

Generative AI is enhancing DEI in customer experiences, products and services. It helps eliminate biases and fosters diverse workforce creativity, positively impacting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The FTC accused Amazon of deceptive practices in Prime subscriptions, utilizing “dark patterns” to enroll and hinder cancellation, violating consumer protection laws.

Salesforce faced a major data exposure issue due to misconfiguration, risking sensitive data of users across various sectors including government and healthcare.

This article discusses the differences between CRM and CDP systems. While CRMs focus on sales and customer interactions, CDPs offer a broader view of customer data and relationships.

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