CMSWire’s Top 10 Voice of the Customer Articles of 2023

CMSWire’s Top 10 Voice of the Customer Articles of 2023

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  • Strategic foundations. Understanding, serving and listening are fundamental pillars in building a customer-centric culture.
  • VoC significance. Voice of the Customer (VoC) strategies are pivotal in enhancing customer engagement and loyalty.
  • Generational insights. Tailoring customer experience to fit different generational needs is crucial for businesses.

In the world of customer experience, understanding and amplifying voice of the customer (VoC) is more crucial than ever. Our top 10 VoC articles of the year tap into how businesses can effectively harness this area of customer experience (CX) to enhance customer engagement and loyalty. 

Consider your customer experience strategy akin to constructing a house. The first pillar lies in deeply understanding your customers — not just who they are, but what they do. Next, we turn to tying relevance to product and service offerings based on what we understand about the customer. 

The third pillar, listening to the customer, forms the roof of this structure. It’s about continuous improvement, measuring how products and services perform and how they resonate across channels. Ultimately, the end result should be an agile, customer-centric culture.

Let’s go back to Valentine’s Day. But instead of showing love to your sweetheart, we’re talking about showing appreciation to your customer advisory board (CAB) members. How can you do this? For one, by ensuring their time is well spent in meetings that offer real value. Organizations can also make a point to provide an executive experience with high-quality amenities and engaging content.

If you really want to engage CAB members, focus on members’ challenges rather than sales pitches. And follow up on customer suggestions and ensure their feedback leads to tangible changes. To really sweeten the deal, don’t forget to include a send-off gift as a token of appreciation.

Customizing customer experience to fit different generational needs is a must for businesses. Generational preferences vary greatly, particularly in technology and customer service expectations. 

Baby Boomers and Gen X, for instance, show less patience with customer service response times compared to millennials and Gen Z. And the pandemic further shifted these preferences, highlighting exactly why businesses need to continuously update their understanding of customer needs and segment these groups. 

Voice of the customer tools are essential solutions that help brands gather, analyze and act on customer feedback. Core functionalities of VoC tools include data collection from diverse sources like surveys and social media, advanced analysis and reporting for actionable insights, sentiment and text analytics for understanding customer emotions and trends.

AI’s role in VoC tools is increasingly important, especially in enhancing accuracy and efficiency through features like sentiment analysis, predictive analytics and speech recognition. The integration of AI, machine learning and natural language processing allows these tools to be more effective in understanding customer needs and improving the customer experience. 

Launching a customer advisory board can be a strategic move for companies seeking deeper engagement with their customers. Unlike ad-hoc methods or salesperson-led interactions, CABs enable strategic discussions with executives that offer higher value input. 

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