Claude Pro Takes Generative AI Up a Notch!


Anthropic recently announced the release of Claude Pro, a premium version of its generative AI application. Since its initial release in July, Claude 2 has attracted many users who have appreciated its ability to upload larger text documents, longer context windows, faster outputs, complex reasoning capabilities and more. Claude 2 doubled the parameters (860 million vs. 430 million) of the original Claude model.

Claude Pro interface

Claude Pro Gives Instant, Priority Access and More

The new premium version of Claude includes the following features:

  • 5x more usage than the free tier provides, with the ability to send many more messages
  • Priority access to during high-traffic periods
  • Early access to new features that help users get the most out of Claude

Additionally, while the free version of Claude is very useful, it typically takes a few moments to respond. Claude Pro is able to instantly respond to queries, even if they are long, or include a file that Claude is to summarize.

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