Balancing HX by Powering Up CX and EX


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  • Uneven distribution. AI in customer experience is often prioritized due to immediate, measurable returns, leaving employee experience less emphasized.
  • Complex barriers. AI in employee experience is perceived as more complex due to necessary organizational changes, thus slowing its adoption.
  • Holistic need. AI in CX and EX should be balanced for a sustainable, effective Human Experience, correcting the current lopsided distribution.

Organizations are constantly striving to enhance their customer experiences (CX) and employee experiences (EX) to stay competitive. These experiences, when combined, contribute to what we call the Human Experience (HX).

As businesses look to improve HX, many are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) as a powerful tool. However, the infusion of AI in HX is not evenly distributed between upstream and downstream processes.

In this article, a follow-up to our exploration of industry-specific use cases of AI in customer experience and employee experience earlier this week, today we dive into how AI can be infused into HX, why there’s a lopsided distribution and the implications of this imbalance.

Let’s take a look at AI in customer experience and employee experience.

AI in Customer Experience and Employee Experience: HX = CX + EX

Before delving into the infusion of AI in customer experience and employee experience, let’s first understand the components of the equation

  1. CX (Customer Experience): This represents the experiences and interactions a customer has with a company throughout their journey. CX focuses on areas like personalized marketing, user-friendly interfaces and responsive customer support.
  2. EX (Employee Experience): EX is about creating a positive work environment for employees. It encompasses factors such as job satisfaction, workplace culture, training and technology tools that facilitate productivity.
  3. HX (Human Experience): HX is the sum of CX and EX. It reflects the overall experience that a company offers both its customers and employees. A high HX indicates that an organization excels in both domains.

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Infusing AI Into Customer Experience and Employee Experience

A woman in a flowing dress dances with a robot at a party, indicating the importance of AI in customer experience and employee experience.
Infusing AI in customer experience and employee experience can have a big impact.XaMaps on Adobe Stock Photos


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