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  • VoC evolution. Voice of the customer programs are shifting from manual methods to AI-driven analytics, drastically cutting costs and time.
  • AI impact. AI in customer experience has made data collection and interpretation more efficient, notably in automating responses that often outperform human-written ones.
  • Speech focus. Speech analytics in customer service is becoming a game-changer, particularly for capturing real-time data during customer interactions.

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The importance of customer experience (CX) and artificial intelligence (AI) cannot be overstated. These pivotal fields are not only redefining how businesses operate but also setting new standards for customer satisfaction and engagement. As companies scramble to adapt, understanding the synergies between CX and AI becomes crucial.

Here to shed light on this dynamic intersection is Brianna Langley Henderson, regional manager for customer experience and marketing at Waste Connections, who offers her expert insights and strategies. Brianna is a CMSWire Contributor.

AI Revolutionizes Voice of the Customer Through Speedy, Cost-Effective Analytics

Dom Nicastro: You’re back and you didn’t let maternity leave stop you from filing an article, this one on voice of the customer and AI, it’s so crucial. I mean, all of our analytics. Our readers are just like, super high on this. You put CX and AI in a headline, you’re gonna get some interest. So I’ve benefited from that. ChatGPT articles always do wonderfully. But for a practitioner like you, it comes down to making things actionable. So, you know, what’s the big takeaway here with with VoC and AI?

Brianna Langley Henderson: So, I mean, this is gonna sound really obvious, I think. But traditionally, VoC has been very manual. And it’s a lot of manual data mining. It’s a lot of manual data structuring. And then I think that’s the biggest thing. I mean, again, not to sound super elementary, but I think the biggest thing is just going to be the cost and timesaving aspect that AI is going to bring to VoC as far as actually collecting and making sense of of the data, especially when it comes to like speech analytics; I think that’s really the big one. Because obviously, you can gather data from emails and chatbots, and social media and written text. But the speech analytics part is what I’m especially excited about.

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From Excel Sheets to AI: How the Approach to VoC Evolved 

Nicastro: Yeah, if you could look at your own program, your own voice of the customer program as a CX leader, say, a year and a half ago, right? Versus now like, so. What did it look like a year and a half ago? And how’s it look now?

Langley Henderson: Oh, for me, personally? Oh, that’s a good question. Well, a year and a half ago, we were kind of guessing.

Nicastro: Excel sheet. 

Langley Henderson: Exactly. 

Nicastro: You’re not alone.

Langley Henderson: Well, a year and a half ago, my territory was different. But right now it spans from like Chicago, down through all the way through Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia. I would travel from site to site, which of course I still do. I still visit with my districts, but I would I would just have this question. I would ask the call agents like, OK, what’s the main thing you’re hearing every day? What are the customers saying? What are they having issues with? And that’s kind of how I built strategy was just that very anecdotal information. And I was literally just boots on the ground.

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Transforming Customer Insights: How AI Tools Are Revolutionizing VoC Analytics

Nicastro: That’s a great effort.

Langley Henderson: And I mean, not to diminish the insights of the CSRs or the salespeople because obviously, there’s always going to be a place for that. But gathering that information now is just so much easier. I don’t know what the audience uses but we use software that actually is tied into our Google reviews. And so it mines all of this information that’s coming in through Google .. and it tells us exactly what the No. 1 thing that customers are frustrated by, the No. 1 thing customers are delighted by. And it’s just a dynamic constantly updating report.

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From Insight to Action: How AI Platforms Integrate with CRMs to Revolutionize VoC

Nicastro: Yeah. Does it let you also take action from those insights to within the platform or connect to like a CRM or connect to other data systems like kind of thing?


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