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  • Unified experiences. Seamless customer journey across all channels ensures consistency with user expectations.
  • Personalization imperative. Access to comprehensive customer data is critical for tailoring unique brand experiences.
  • Branding with empathy. Embracing anthropomorphism fosters deeper connections, making brands appear more human-like.

LAS VEGAS — Stepping into the professional world right out of college can be a daunting yet thrilling experience, especially when it intersects with the dynamic field of digital commerce. My entry into this arena was marked by invaluable lessons and remarkable milestones, much of which have influenced my insights and experiences regarding CX trends from attending the 2024 Adobe Summit.

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My entry into this arena was marked by invaluable lessons and remarkable milestones, much of which have influenced my insights and experiences from attending the 2024 Adobe Summit.Midnight Studio on Adobe Stock Photos

Your first job out of college is always exciting and terrifying. For the past four years, you’ve been preparing for the “adult world” — a sort of training for the rest of your life.

In my case, my first job out of school was working in the IT department of a medical device distributor as an ecommerce specialist. My main duty was to help set up and build Magento 1.0 instances for some of our independent pharmacy customers, which wasn’t something I had learned in school. In 2009, the world of digital commerce and customer experience was present but wasn’t a common subject in most undergraduate curricula. This early encounter with CX trends laid the foundation for my career.

So, as you can imagine — being thrown into this type of role right out of school was, well — a bit frightening. Yet, it was an early deep dive into the evolving world of CX trends.

However, one thing that has always remained true to who I am and what I believe in regarding effective business strategy is this: The customer is above all else. In this new role, our business’s customers needed help, and their customers (end-user consumers) needed medical devices for their daily lives. This inspired and motivated me to dive deep into a world I didn’t know, and ties into my growth regarding CX trends.

Another factor that helped me was working with a platform like Magento, which aims to curate content and products tailored to individual customer desires. During my time at this organization, we launched about 30 Magento 1.0 sites for various businesses. Looking back, this period of my life evokes a strong sense of nostalgia and highlights the significant progress both I and the industry have made over the past 14 years, particularly when it comes to evolving CX trends.

As a quick sidebar — in case you aren’t familiar, Adobe acquired Magento in 2018 and rolled the solution into its portfolio of customer experience driven solutions.

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A Decade of Growth and Insights at the Adobe Summit

It’s remarkable that 14 years later, here I was this week attending Adobe Summit. It’s remarkable that I ran into CMSWire Managing Editor Dom Nicastro, who shares my passion for exceptional customer experience. And it’s remarkable that 14 years later, I’m presenting at Adobe Summit on a new Adobe Commerce healthcare solution that is HIPAA and PHI ready, recently launched by Adobe in collaboration with my organization, Perficient. These experiences highlight the evolution and importance of CX trends in our industry.

I share this because, like the customers you serve with your brand experiences each day, I am always growing and progressing, but still desire experiences that evolve with me. The majority of the people I talked to at the Adobe Summit this year share this common spirit and desire. At the end of the day, they just want to provide customers, people, humans with an unforgettable experience, and meet expectations created by current CX trends.


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