A Symbiotic Partnership With Human Intelligence

A Symbiotic Partnership With Human Intelligence

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  • Embracing AI. AI, like service animals, should augment human capabilities, not lead.
  • Intelligent disobedience. AI systems need safeguards, just as service dogs employ.
  • Mutual dependence. Like scissors’ blades, humans and AI work best collaboratively.

As artificial intelligence (AI) moves deeper into our everyday lives, we will need to focus on the relationship between human and machine intelligence. The model for collaborative intelligence has already been established.

AI: Our New Partner, Co-Worker and Best Friend        

The time for conjecture over whether generative AI will change the workplace is past. Coders, content creators, marketers and others are seeing the positive, often cool and sometimes ominous effects of this technology daily. We have seen it used to reduce headcount, and we have watched influential technology executives discuss it before Congress. It has been hyped, minimized and treated as a toy.

It seems to frighten those who don’t understand technology and a few who understand it well. It is in our office space and in our headspace. Like a new hire with family connections in management, it is not going away. We will just have to make peace with this new co-worker, and we have a short time to establish the relationship.

As we consider these rules of engagement, I believe the collaborative model we should emulate is one that has been in place for a very long time. If we can train it well and learn to work together, generative AI just may become our best friend like our furry canines.

Hands of robot and human touching on big data network connection.
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AI Has Changed the Workplace, and It Happened Fast!

CMSWire has been covering this discussion extensively ever since ChatGPT emerged in November 2022. Whether generative AI is just the newest tool in your toolbox or here to steal your job has as much to do with your organization’s philosophy and appetite for change as does your personal role, level of experience and ability to ride yet another wave of change. Customer experience and marketing professionals know these changes well.

We are still in the early days, and much is to be decided, but I suggest that the healthiest posture toward the use of AI in the workplace should be one of partnership ­— a very special, symbiotic relationship. I see our working relationship with AI as analogous to the partnership we see between a human being and a service animal — the intelligent, alert, eager-to-please service dog.

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A Familiar Model for Collaboration

Like AI, service dogs offer an ever-expanding range of benefits. This includes guide dogs for those with a visual or hearing disability, but the title of service animal also embraces dogs that aid those with mobility issues or those who need to be alerted to the presence of allergens or an oncoming seizure. My point is, we already have experience with collaborative intelligence in a practical way and we can learn lessons from what we already know. How customer experience professionals can collaborate with generative AI is shown in CMSWire’s first in a series of articles exploring AI’s use case for customer experience leaders.

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