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  • Launch of GPT Store in 2024. OpenAI plans to launch the GPT Store in early 2024, allowing users to monetize their custom-built AI models, known as GPTs. These models, designed with privacy and safety, can be used for various tasks and interests without requiring coding skills.
  • GPTs customization and sharing. OpenAI has introduced customizable versions of ChatGPT, enabling users to create and share AI tailored to specific needs. This development allows for the creation of AI models that can assist in everyday tasks, learning, or entertainment, accessible to any user with a Plus subscription.
  • Continuous improvement and user feedback. OpenAI is actively improving GPTs based on customer feedback, including enhancements in “Actions” for better user experience and integration. These updates are part of the broader GPT-4 Turbo launch, which includes major enhancements for improved interaction and cost-efficiency for developers.

OpenAI announced it will launch its GPT Store early next year, giving ChatGPT users the chance to sell and share their custom-built creations on the generative AI platform.

The company made the announcement in an email sent to users today, Friday, Dec. 1.

OpenAI at its developer day last month announced the rollout of customizable versions of ChatGPT, called GPTs, allowing users to create and share AI tailored to specific tasks or interests, without the need for coding skills. These custom AI models can assist with everyday tasks, learning or entertainment and will be available for public creation and sharing next year. Any plus user can create such a GPT, using OpenAI’s no-code model.

GPT Store to Debut in 2024

And in early 2024, the company valued at $86 billion plans to officially launch the GPT Store, where the community’s creations can be featured and monetized based on usage. The company emphasizes that GPTs are built with privacy and safety in mind, ensuring user data control and compliance with usage policies to prevent the dissemination of harmful content. In addition, OpenAI has highlighted that GPTs will become more intelligent over time and can eventually function as “agents” in the real world, with careful consideration of societal implications.

“It’s been less than a month since we announced GPTs and we are blown away by the useful and fun GPTs that you and the builder community have created,” OpenAI officials said in the email sent Friday, Dec. 1. “… In terms of what’s next, we are now planning to launch the GPT Store early next year. While we had expected to release it this month, a few unexpected things have been keeping us busy! In the meantime, we will have some other great updates to ChatGPT soon. Thank you for investing time to build a GPT.”


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